Half Day Astronomical Tour (Andean Astronomical Observatory Visit)

Half Day Astronomical Tour (Andean Astronomical Observatory Visit)
Half-Day Andean Astronomical Observatory (OAA) Visit 

Chile has many charms including optimal conditions to astronomical observation, and the city of Santiago is no exception. The Observatory is located in the pre-Andean mountain range, which makes the light of the city don’t obstruct the observation of the stars, for those tourist who visit our country and want to live the magic of the nights in the Andes.

Price Included:
Private Transfer from Santiago to the Astronomical Observatory and back
Tour through the facilities
Guided Observation from the terrace and the dome
Bottle of water
Astronomical photography print of an observed relevant object
Cocktail (includes: empanadas, quiche, French cheese, ham, chorizo, nuts, cookies and chocolates, also include coffee and tea)
Not Included:
Dinner and tips
* Unlimited beverage like, juices, beers, short and long drinks and wines (red and white).
* Rugs OAA is for the visitor uses if they have cold.


Tour Tipe: 
Group Size: 


Base 2 Base 3 Base 4/6 Base 7/9
175 165 150 140